Join the people's protest at parliament. We demand affordable, reliable, clean and safe energy and the end to a corrupt nuclear deal!

21st and 22nd Nov |Cape Town




We are a movement of active citizens in South Africa committed to promoting clean, affordable, reliable, safe energy access for all South Africans. Given the fundamental corruption and other risks brought about by the government's insistence on having nuclear as part of our energy mix, the Campaign for a Just Energy Future campaign is committed to stopping the nuclear deal as our first priority, so that a just energy future for all South Africans particularly the poor and vulnerable can be achieved. A considerable increase in renewable energy is consistent with the demands of an effective response to climate change and in meeting South Africa’s International Climate commitments. This is a means to grow the economy and increase socio-economic benefits for all. We need to hold our leaders accountable for the decisions that are being made in terms of our energy future. The just energy transition needs to responsible and needs to benefit majority of the people in South Africa. Information needs to be made accessible to the general public. People across the country must have a say in the future of the country. Nuclear energy is too expensive, too dangerous and will deliver too little too late as it takes too long to build a single plant. People need a stake in the production, distribution, sale and consumption of clean energy. We have an opportunity to boost the economy and ensure we actively challenge poverty, inequality and unemployment.



1. Call on all South Africans and civil society organisations to join the national campaign to stop the nuclear deal and fight for a just energy future as this is in the national interest.

2. A moratorium on all activities related to procurement of nuclear energy should be called for. This delay is feasible from an energy supply perspective.

3. To call on our Government to complete a transparent, open, evidence based, objective and meaningful public process with all stakeholders to produce an energy plan which meets the people of this country’s needs.

4. To charge Government with the responsibility to implement the most cost effective, sustainable and safe energy choice which will benefit the majority of our people, and an approach that is in accordance with the Constitution as well as complies with all other applicable legal requirements.

5. To demand the lifting of any ceilings in renewables in a diverse energy mix and a commitment to increasing our clean energy options that will have a greater multiplier effect on driving a just transition to decent jobs and transform our economy by creating inclusive entrepreneurial opportunities for all.

6. Call on Parliament to ensure peoples voices are heard on terms of a just energy future and to ensure government makes responsible decisions and in the interest of the majority of people in South Africa.



In November 2016, a range of organisations including Unions, NGOs, movements, faith groups, human rights organisations and community structures met at the Nelson Mandela Foundation to discuss the transition to a just energy future. The collective agreed that all scientific, economic and financial evidence points to this nuclear deal as one we cannot afford, we don’t need and has nothing to do with the energy security of the country or needs of our people. While renewable energy (solar, wind and others) is significantly cheaper, both now and in the long term. Government continues to stall on the funding for renewable energy. The organisations agreed to campaign together for a just energy future. The Campaign for a Just Energy Future was born. A key achievement over the last six months was the legal victory at the Cape Town High Court on 26 April 2017 by members (Earthlife Africa and South Africa Faith Communities Environment Initiative) of the Campaign for a Just Energy Future. The court ruling declared government’s actions to secure a nuclear build plan for South Africa unlawful. We are working with communities across the country and building power to challenge the corruption and to developing alternatives in terms of clean energy that communities have a stake in. Like the struggle against apartheid and the HIV struggle in South Africa we are mobilising a broad range of sectors including trade unions, business, faith groups, movements, NGOs and community organisations to fight the nuclear deal. The communities fighting this deal will also re-imagine how clean energy will contribute to their local economic development.



We are coming together with the Stop the Secret Nuclear Deal alliance (of which we’re a member). We are calling on all active citizens to join us in Cape Town (or online if you live somewhere else) on 21 and 22 November to make our government listen to the people of South Africa.

The events aim to foster public discussions and debates around the issues of energy, to promote a just energy future with access to clean, safe, accessible and affordable energy for all. There are events happening across the two days and you’re invited to join as many as you can!A just transition to a low-carbon economy affects every aspect of society in terms jobs, the cost of electricity, basic services, water security, air quality and health and so on. It is therefore imperative that ordinary people have the information, are consulted and have a say in the decision making process.

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